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Kagimoto Akira's blog translations
Hello! I'm Sci Bob! (Said 'Ski'...I dislike sci-fi ¬¬ ) I'm an English chick who's studying Japanese at University, though I'm actually just about to graduate. (With any luck)

So, recently I've been ridiculously obsessed with Lead. I found out about them in 2006 but I only really had their singles. Then when I started to sub PVs (Check out sci_no_subs@lj) I remembered just how much I love them! Plus, by this time, they'd grown up to be freakin' hot.

I found Akira's blog online when browsing, as you do. I read through it and thought "Well...that was easy to read" So I figured I'd translate them into English for those very few foreign Lead fans who exist!

If you post my translations anywhere else and don't credit/link to me, or if you claim them as your own...then I'm afraid I will have to destroy you.

I appreciate love by the way <3


Sci <3